“However, someone’s pain can also become someone else’s ray of hope.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Do you know the reason why Japan, completely ruined after losing the war, had recovered to become the second most financially prosperous nation on Earth?”

“Wasn’t that because of the Korean War?”

“That’s right. Through wartime special procurement. And something similar is about to happen to our nation.”

With a wry expression, Association President Goh Gun-Hui placed his hand on top of the thick pile of documents currently resting on the table.

“These are all quotation documents sent in by the local corporations wishing to get involved in Japan’s restoration projects.”

The Korean companies were quick to make their move. Some of them even sent in these documents as soon as Hunter Seong had left for Japan. All the other corporations should have finished with their preparations by now, as well.

‘Someone’s pain can become someone else’s hope, is it….’

No, to be more correct, it’d be someone’s profit, instead.

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