Will I be able to smile without you?
Just thinking about it makes me cry
The person who protected me throughout my hard times
Now I will protect you

Your embrace was always warm
It was my only resting place at the end of my long days

They were shining like the sun
Your eyes when you looked at me
I was so happy I thought it was a dream
Each moment was so dazzling

In my anxious and suffering life
You came to me like a ray of light and made me smile

The future is unknown
But each moment of being in your arms
I wish it would last forever

I’ll go to you when the breeze feels nice
I’ll go to you on sunny days
Just like the day you first came to me

You alone are enough for me
Because there’s no need for words, I know by your eyes
Flowers bloom and wither

Every day, every moment, let’s be together

~Every Day, Every Moment - Paul Kim~